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M&M's 50th Anniversary Gala

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Location: Ellis Island
Client: Mars Candy
Style: Festive / Fun / Chic

Sit down gala for 1,000 celebrating M&M's 50th Golden Anniversary

Showcase the night's unique element, one-of-a-kind "Gold" M&Ms

Signature M&M gobos and lighting elements were custom-made for the dance floor and ceiling
MM's star "MRS GREEN" showcased asa larger-than-life 5 foot Ice Sculpture of the M&M dressed as The Statue of Liberty sat front and center on the main stage
In place of flowers, 8 foot arrangements stood around the bars creating impressions of chocolate flowing from large bottles of milk
Displays that marked the 50 year history of M&Ms, including photo montages and timelines, were intermingled with room decor
A ton of Gold M&Ms were designed and made for this monumental occasion and used as a central focal point in the main room
Round ‘Chocolate’ Brown Suede Ottomans created lounge vignettes around the room while custom Gold M&M Pillows adorned all the furniture

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