Your event needs to impress and engage your guests, but it also needs adhere to the project parameters like budget and focus. At Swank, we plan events but we also run a business and understand the different demands of corporate clients. Our extensive experience in designing and planning corporate events gives us a unique perspective many other event firms do not have. We know it takes specific attention to detail to ensure a brand is positioned and showcased properly to all attendees. We understand approvals are needed and how to match our process up with your companies culture and management style to achieve success.

We start by sitting with you, learning about your company, your needs and how you envision the event. From there we discuss the types of events you may have done in the past and how we can bring new and unique ideas to the project. We don't believe in putting forward lackluster designs that have become "event standards". On the contrary, we like to design new and exciting concepts that can please even the most jaded guests, employees and clients. Swank's president Maya always says, "if an event hasn't engaged the guests it hasn't been a success." We live by this motto and make sure every event we design and produce adheres to it, or it won't go out the door.

Take a look at some of our past work in our corporate gallery or at our featured corporate event and see for yourself.


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